Thursday, 7 May 2015

Not Too Much

Trying to think of things that have been happening, but nothing really has, even though it's been a while since I did a proper update. So I've got my full license, and the photo license arrived in the mail, which looks almost identical to my restricted (can't believe I wore the same shirt haha), except I'm a little more older looking - a good thing I guess.
I've also gotten my new glasses, I'd forgotten how hard it is to get used to seeing things differently! I'm sorta having to wear them for a few hours, take them off. Wear for a few hours, take them off, and I swear it's making me tired...driving with them is interesting, kinda like, woah, I didn't realise how much I had been struggling to see. Even though it's only the one eye that's downgraded itself, it makes a difference apparently...

Other than that, nothing really comes to mind as to what I've been up to. Kinda keeping myself busy by doing next to nothing, trying to finish off my assessments for this month, and doing the odd milking here and there.
I met a new guy at milking last week, and convinced him to come along to our YF's meeting that night, which he eventually came to. It got me thinking that the club keeps talking about giving out meal vouchers to those members who bring in the new people. I've done it quite a few times now, imagine all the free meals I could've gotten if they'd gotten around to doing the vouchers!  But this person has added me on FB, and has since gone to Hawaii on holiday, meaning I get all the updates and pictures of Hawaii. It's kinda different to what I imagined, apart from all the beaches, and the buildings right on the waterfront....


  1. Oh congrats on passing!!!
    Haha well at least that's not as bad as our old passport photos . . . we all got our passports about the same time for a trip, and my little sister wore MY top for her photo, the same one I wore for mine. I wasn't happy haha. :P

    My dad finally got glasses a couple weeks back; the optometrist said his eyes were so bad they wouldn't cope with the full prescription . . . :P

    1. Wow, I'm surprised he didn't get them sooner, that'll take a bit of getting used to! Although sounds like my mum, she's known she needs glasses for quite a while, but never been officially checked at an optometrist and kinda doesn't want to have to wear them, or pay for them, mind you.... o.O

    2. haha yeah that sounds like my dad! He still sees them as something of a stigma lol.