Sunday, 12 January 2014

Brains can be annoying.

Last night I jumped into bed by 9:30, set my alarm for 5 A.M. as I was milking this morning, and then set myself up for a nice long winters nap, well, sorta. Suddenly, out of the blue my brain whirred into action. I could've sworn it said to me "Do you remember that time when...?", after that sleep was a distant dream away. Midnight came around and my brain was still muttering, to either me or itself, I've no clue. Either way, I could not sleep. I was furious. I guess it may have been to do with the fact that the past two days I stayed up to 11pmish reading, perhaps my subconscious figured I wasn't due to sleep yet, or maybe even my mind wasn't worn out from extensive late night reading. But once 11 o'clock came and went, there was no excuse!
     I don't know when I fell asleep, but eventually it came. Though I woke up at about 4, I'm easily frustrated when I wake up an hour or a half before I have to get up. 5 o'clock came around, for which I had to drag myself out of bed and out the door to be leaving by 20 past. I'm a heck of a lot better at this than I used to be. There is a possibility that I drove to work and milked with my eyes half shut but I can't really remember. However I woke up eventually and then spent the day at home mowing the lawns. I'm not quite sure what it is with mowing the lawns on Sunday because it seems to happen quite often, but I have to admit that it is refreshing, wondering around pushing a lawn mower and thinking about nothing in particular with hardly a care in the world!

     Earlier in the week we were doing odd jobs around the house that needed doing. One of those included putting up some of our things on the walls, photos, canvases etc. There weren't many to hang, but half of them were mine for my room. It's amazing how much something so little can change a room! As soon as my familiar favourites were out of the cupboard and up on the walls again my whole bedroom changed. It probably sounds really crazy, but it's difficult to describe. I guess you can relate it to staying at a friends place or at a motel. The room never feels right, for me anyway, it's so foreign because there's nothing of yours in there. It just feels like an empty shell, cold and impersonal. But, alas! The frames went up and it was like a light being turned on in a dark room. My bedroom became my bedroom. Yes, okay, that probably sounds really strange, but I don't care. 

     Currently blogspot is driving me insane with a few things. For one it records my personal viewing and adds it to the stats, even though I've told it not to. I've got the language set to UK English, yet the spell checker is constantly trying to change my correct spelling into American style, and on the stats page, it doesn't seem to realise that we are in another month, let alone another year. It is recording last months, (last years) page views with this year and binding them all together. Seriously, what is the point of recording things if it isn't done properly?!

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