Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Story of My Life

Finally the sun has come back out! These last few days have been really lousy weather-wise, so it's super nice to feel the heat on my shoulders again while outside. Speaking of sun, I've been thinking that the awesome tan I've got is the best I've ever had. 
     I don't know what it is about summer this year, but it's not too hot so I haven't exactly been getting burnt. Therefore I'm congratulating myself on my awesome tan. Please don't go all PC on me and mention the word "melanoma". Seriously, in my personal opinion (and I am rather opinionated) the world is getting too PC in regards the sun and skin cancer. Way back when, people didn't bother with sunscreen and covering up because they actually lived. Nowadays however, I don't want to be part of the population that hides away inside because they're too scared of getting cancer, instead of living they wrap themselves and their children in bubble wrap and go soft centred and thus can't cope with the smallest of things. Way I see it, everything these days will get you sick with something, so isn't it better to live your life and enjoy it, doing the things the officials suggest not to do, rather than sitting cooped up in your cave, afraid? I know which option I'd prefer. Yes it'll probably come back around and kick me, but at least I can say I've had fun! No?

     This past week I haven't gotten too much done in the way of school, but I have gotten some done. Next week I'll get none done because my brother and I are going away for five days. We're staying at our Grandparents with my two favourite cousins, so it should be pretty fun! We're planning all of the things we're going to take with us, definitely some eggs, as our chooks have been laying, well I should say firing, eggs out like there's no tomorrow. We've got about three trays full with no idea what to do with them. Before we moved we gave them to our neighbours. That was when we had 20 chickens. Now with 13 there's still far too many eggs. I think we may have to give them to one of our current neighbours instead every so often. Just to get rid of the blimmen things!

     Dad killed our two pigs on Thursday. They were a little bit older I think than we anticipated them to be, as we'd had them since October with the intentions of Christmas hams. However as we never had time to get them done, they kept on growing and growing. The female never grew that big because the male was, well, a pig! He always hogged (pun unintended ;) ) most of the food and thus grew massive! We guessed the female, on the hook with the *cough* unneeded extras removed, weighed in at about 60 Kg's to be cut into chops, roasts, steaks and mince. I'm not eating any of this, as I don't eat pork. Even so, Dad jokingly says the chops are mini roasts because they're so big! The male pig was far too big to be done the same so he was sent in to the local butchers to be done into ham and bacon, which I will eat :P On the hook we guessed he weighed about 90 Kg's. So they're pretty massive pigs! Sorry, were pretty massive pigs. Mum and Dad are now scratching their heads trying to figure how to fit everything into our big freezer, as with two pigs and the small amount of meat in there currently, we're not going to have much space for the beast we've bought to go in there soon too. It's silly, we always seem to go suddenly from famine to feast when it comes to meat!

     I think Mum and Dad are secretly pleased - perhaps not so secretly - that the pigs are done, because that means that while I'm away they only need to feed the chickens. As, generally speaking, I do all of the outside jobs and it's a pain for them to have to run around doing things they wouldn't normally do. Now though, it's just the chickens and I can trust them well enough to do them right. Though apparently I have to talk to Rookie about her escapades and enforce that she won't go wondering during her chicken style recess! I hardly think she'll listen though!

     Yesterday I bought One Direction's new album, Midnight Memories. Just like the rest of the albums, it's pretty catchy music. I don't know what it is with their music but I find it the best to listen to while doing schoolwork. It helps me concentrate! Weird huh? Currently though, as this one is so new to me, I'm desperately trying to concentrate while writing and rereading this. But I keep going off track. Doubt I'll get away with listening to it while we're on the road on Monday! Not for long anyway! My brother has rather different tastes in music...

     My Mum who is my dedicated reader of my blog told me something I forgot to mention, so I thought I'd better mention it! Yesterday, along with buying the new CD I also bought another book from The Mortal Instruments. The intention was to buy City of Glass and City of Fallen Angels. But sadly, neither Paper Plus nor The Warehouse had the City of Glass in stock. So I just bought the latter and intend to look in TakeNote in town, or another Warehouse to look for it. Silly me read the synopsis of City of Fallen Angels, giving away a spoiler I was semi-aware of and guessing towards already. Tut tut.

     Not only that, I also bought the City of Bones DVD which we sat through last night with Dad. It was...Okay. So it wasn't particularly special for Mum and I because we love the books so much and it didn't follow much of the storyline, however it did follow the dialogue really well! Dad seemed to enjoy it, I think it has convinced him to read the books now, although he was going to get there eventually! Nevertheless it wasn't terrible, but exactly how the director said - mistakenly aimed at younger teenagers rather than young adults/adults like the book is aimed at. However I can't wait for the City of Ashes to finish filming! Hopefully this time they get it right - they're confident they will anyway :)

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