Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Oh? You had to be there yesterday? Alright then, don't let me hold you up.

On the way to work this afternoon I was driving behind a CUBE. They are the most ugliest and weirdest vehicles I've ever come across, I swear! I mean like the taillights for instance, they're all in the middle section of the back door, not on the edges of the car like you'd expect them to be (like normal cars lets say) and it just looks so ridiculous! I wouldn't be caught dead in one! But seriously, how can anybody, who is sane, say with a straight face that they are 'the proud owner of a CUBE'? No, it's not possible.

     Moving on from CUBE's I'm going to discuss cars and their drivers in general. You see some funny stuff on the road when you're driving. Such as, there are times when somebody behind you is a little too impatient and will pass you, just before you turn onto another road. People do that to me all the time, on that last little straight section of main highway, just before my turn off. I find it quite amusing most of the time, to the point where I feel like waving as they go past, sniggering under my breath thinking about the wasted effort and fuel, and to think - if only they'd been patient. But alas, no. They will still get to their destination faster, because they passed me before I turned. However when you have a little think about it, people probably go out and buy GPS's and then do unnecessary things whilst driving just so they can beat the ETA showing on the little screen. Where else is the fun in life?

     Then there are the drivers like in the silver car following me this morning on my way home from work. I was doing just under 100kph for a while and following a van. I like to keep my distance while driving, not understanding what people get out of tailgating. So, I dunno, I probably double the usual distance most of the time and go a good speed if I can so as to not annoy people behind me. There was a bit of a bend so I slowed down to about 90ish, the silver car right up my rear and I began to speed up a bit more. Next minute, as we were on  a clear straight, the silver car sped passed me and pulled in behind the van. I'm not too sure what the silver car got out of the passing, because it was following so close to the van in front that it had to continuously touch the brakes, for quite a while I might add, until we came to a passing lane where it evidently excused itself from our presence - rather quickly. However I am curious about the van driver.  Either he is generally a slower driver, didn't know the area that well, or he saw the silver car being impatient so decided to slow down that tiny little bit, just to annoy him a bit more. I would prefer it if it was the latter of course! Once we were relieved of the silver car I felt like giving the van driver a high five, and delight in our team effort to annoy a fellow member of society.

     Sometimes though I really have to wonder about cars and their occupants. Why the big rush? Everyone is always in a hurry to get somewhere by a certain time, which evidently means they have to get up to the speed limit or higher. 100 isn't a target! Why drivers have to continuously get up to the limit and tailgate other drivers to eventually reach where they're going is a wonder to me. There isn't a rule stipulating that "all-drivers-must-go-the-exact-speed-limit". It is a limit for a reason, that doesn't mean it has to be a target for us to reach. And for those of us that like to keep below the speed limit, it doesn't mean you have to drive erratically just to get past us "grannies". Because there are those of us that leave early enough so that we can get to where we're headed with time to spare, without us having to drive up to or over the speed limit the whole time!!


  1. Agreed, Mum always drives around 90kph to save fuel and enjoy the trip.

  2. Lolz Kayla. On time or not, faster is WAY more fun!!! :P