Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Day

Sometimes I wonder where the fun is in partying all night long to blasting music and getting so drunk that you can't even walk in a straight line. However, perhaps the combination of the lights flashing at such high speeds that you can't see in front of you, the music pumping so loud that the ability to think is near impossible and the alcohol rushing through your system gives you enough of a buzz that none of this even occurs to you.

     Don't worry, that wasn't me last night and certainly never will be anytime in the near future. Me, well I was having a very nice sleep up until midnight when all of my happy new year text messages came through. Not that I don't appreciate the well wishing messages, but I wish I'd remembered to put my phone on silent. After that I could hardly sleep for loud music that was in full force down the road. But I should be grateful that new years celebrations generally only happen once a year!

     I've never been one for new years resolutions, but this year there are definitely a few things, not so much resolutions, that I need to achieve.
For instance, I need to: finish and pass my final year of high school (preferably with good marks); earn enough money so I can afford to pay for my university accommodation next year; go to said chosen university on the open day so I'll definitely know what I'm in for; get accepted into university (this happens to be a must!); and get my full license. These are all high on my agenda to achieve this year, so I imagine I'm going to be a busy beaver this year!

     Not only are there things I need to do, but there are also many wants. Just the usual stuff, but the problem is having time to do everything. I think I'll need to be the master of time this year and set my priorities to suit. However getting myself prioritised to get everything done isn't everything, the daunting thought keeps coming to mind that this is my final full year at home. It's rather scary thinking about it, but also extremely exciting!

     Time sure does go fast the older you get.

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