Thursday, 2 January 2014


Yesterday I mentioned time and needing to be the master of it. I guess it's kinda like in Harry Potter, where the three hallows can make a person the master of death - we almost need something similar to this to be the master of time. But how? And what?

     In almost every song; every movie; every book; time is mentioned. Somehow, somewhere, you'll find it. Because time is the real thing that is in control of our lives. We're always worried about not having enough time to get things done or wondering when our own individual clocks will stop ticking.

     In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione used a time-turner to able to go back in the past and get to all of her classes in time. Although Harry Potter is indeed fiction, going back in time to see the things we missed, to change the past etc, seems to be what many of us want. We want to be the master of time, just like we want to defy gravity while still on Earth. Although it's not possible, everyone still wishes for it.

     Not only do we want to reverse time, we want to pause it in the moment or fast forward it. However, although we can pull the batteries from a clock, time will still keep ticking. The need to be in control is a flaw in humans, instead of just living, we want to be able to edit our lives as if they're a document or photo. People just can't accept that, for once, something else is in control.

     Time controls when we start and finish work, when an event begins and ends, when we go to bed and when our alarm goes off, or when our favourite shows come on TV. Everywhere we go, we keep checking our phones, our watches, the clock on the wall or computer. Everywhere we are we are in constant thought about the time, ever aware that we're constantly fighting to beat it. To us, time is always cheating in the race against us, it always knows how to cut the corners to its best advantage.

     But honestly, time is the one who will always have the last laugh.

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