Monday, 6 January 2014

The Infernal Devices

I spent the last three and a half days reading three books from my most favourite book series - The Infernal Devices - Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess - by Cassandra Clare. They were suggested to my parents by someone in a bookshop to buy me for Christmas. They liked the look of them, so bought me them. Every Christmas Mum and Dad buy me books - the last five years at least. Often they buy me the next book/s in a series I love, or else start me off on an entirely new one. It's really great them buying books for me, because often they buy me a series that I personally would've ignored if choosing it for myself, but in hindsight I really enjoy them!

     It began with Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. They only bought me Twilight because we'd recently watched the movie and discovered it wasn't actually all that bad. I was glued to Twilight after that and was a bit dubious of Mead's books, the vampire fantasy featured, but it seemed rather odd at first. Nevertheless, I gave in and read the first three books they bought for me. About five or so years down the track and my bookshelf is clogged with fantasy novels, most of the vampire related kind, but it also includes seven more books of Mead's as I absolutely loved her novels in The Vampire Academy series and Bloodlines spin off. My bookshelf now features 10 different novel series I've bought/had bought for me over the past five years. The Hunger Games, the Alex Rider nearly complete series. Amanda Hocking's Watersong and Trylle series; Twilight; The Secret Circle; The Vampire Academy; Bloodlines; The House of Night; Night World; and now finally The Infernal Devices. Soon to be included - The Mortal Instruments, which is connected to the ID's.

     I absolutely loved the ID's. I have always enjoyed the Vampire Academy and thought it, without a doubt, my favourite series of all time. Now I may just be reconsidering that thought. I don't recall ever reading three novels, back-to-back over three and a bit days. Staying up 'til 11pm just to keep reading. Dad actually thought I'd do an all-nighter last night just to finish it off. But no, I was good and I forced myself to close the book and instead finished it today. He has been making out over these past couple days that my continuous reading is not very good form. I could read for hours on end, skipping meals at points when it wasn't worth eating, or shifting from the lounge to my bedroom while still being glued full forced to the words across the pages. He can't talk though. Between him and Mum, there should be no surprise to them that at least one of their kids has ended up with both of their genes for love of reading. Unlike Mum though, I don't skim read!

     I am astonished though, how authors like Clare, can create such a plot, let alone think it all up in their imagination. I've always wondered how they'd do it, without muddling everything up. Do they make everything up as they go along, or do they do a tonne of research, make up the basics, start, middle, end and then join the dots? There were a few points that were predictable, but others would just jump up and yell out and make me think "wow, I never even considered that as an option to occur!"  Also the best of novels are the ones where you feel as if you are in the storyline too, living with the characters. It's a tragedy when the novel ends because it makes it seem like everyone of the characters have left you. It's all happily ever afters and leaves you hanging on thinking, "hey wait a minute, where do I fit into all of this?" Then begrudgingly you have to remind yourself to go back to reality. It's actually really difficult to do.

     Mum has been reading the ID's after me, she's not quite as hooked but she is enjoying them. Quite a few people I know fully back the ID's and Mortal Instruments as a great series. So if you don't mind a bit of fantasy (don't worry vampires are not mainstream in this series), bit of romance, comedy and quite a lot of action - believe me, the book starts off and ends with a bang - then this is the series for you. I seriously recommend it!


  1. Hi Kayger! (I originally wrote your real name here, but then deleted it … :P)

    Try Dragons in our Midst, by Bryan Davis. One of the best series I've read. (and then there are two more series after that, Oracles of Fire and Children of the Bard.) It's fantasy–quite difficult to specify what kind, though. Bryan Davis's website is at (there are a couple of other series there, they are good, but not quite as good as Dragons in our Midst).

    About how writers come up with plots – one word, sixty-thirteen times. Edit. We pretty much just have to edit, and edit, and edit. We do also use story plotting charts though. I haven't read anything by Cassandra Clare, so I can't give any specifics of what I mean.

    Anyway, nice to see you enter the real blogosphere!

    1. Hi Jag, it's nice to be in the real blogosphere - finally!

      I'll definitely have a look at Bryan Davis, thank you :)