Friday, 10 January 2014

It's sunny for a change :)

My schools online learning website came back on yesterday. It's been off for the past month or so during the summer holidays while they upgraded it. It's rather odd, logging back in and discovering the entire new webpage for us students to use. Everything has completely changed, for instance - in each course we do we can have access to our personal progress as the teachers update it. Although I can keep myself pretty well up to date here at home, it's good to have it all there on my account too!
However along with adding new things, they've removed things as well. By the looks of it, one of those things is mine and my friends beloved blogs. We spent three years on them getting to know eachother (even though we've never met) and having a ton of fun! But, we no longer have access to these so we'll have to keep in contact in other ways.

     Along with being able to access the webpage, I have direct access to my school work too. So yesterday I printed and completed my first piece in Agriculture. It's just a questionnaire so my future teacher will know where I am up to on the subject. I've never "studied" Ag before in this form, so it'll be interesting doing it and seeing what else I can learn! As well as adding much needed credits! This morning my first school work arrived in the mail. I'm thankful that this year the school is onto it and I can get a head start, although the term doesn't start until the end of January. Last year I hadn't fully begun until late February/March - it was a nightmare! Fingers crossed, this year I finish my last year of school and do it as best as I can! My good friend who lives overseas told me yesterday that her first box of work arrived on Christmas Day. The school is very up to date with sending work for the overseas students, but arriving on Christmas Day?! That's more of a cruel sort of punishment!

     I bought the first two books of The Mortal Instruments on Wednesday. I'm taking them a little slower this time around. It took a little bit to get into the City of Bones, as in the beginning I was trying to link up characters to the previous series to see how they're all related (apparently the MI's are the Grandchildren of the ID's characters). Now I'm getting into them, but I'm still trying to take it nice and slow so that I don't spend all day reading and not leave time for other things. Now my school work has arrived I need to work around that.

But, on that note, I think this year's going to be a pretty good one.